360 Marketing

Get all the marketing you need for your company, print or digital

What can IV-Lead do for you?

Website Solutions

Get insights from Google Analytics, manage your CMS and take care of maintenance.

Content Design

Create marketing materials, including printed materials for conferences and online ad campaigns.

CRM Integration

Implement helpful tools like Hubspot for marketing automation and Monday.com for project management.

Ways to advertise your content

Run print and digital campaigns

Marketing campaigns (offline and online) including newspaper ads, marketing brochures, publicity campaigns, launch campaigns, SEO, Newsletters, Social media and much more

All services can be laid out in fully comprehensive contracts describing all undertaken activities, time schedule, goals and expected results having every one of our actions monitored, measured and assessed as agreed.

A full marketing outsourcing solution, adopting all functions of the marketing department is also offered (services like originating the marketing plan and budgeting designing all activities and implementing all campaigns following the agreed schedule throughout the year) on a monthly fee.

Learn more about IV-Lead services

Manage Marcom Activity

Find and register to relevant events around the world, create company booth and apply to competitions.

Track KPI’s

Build and measure various KPI’s throughout the sales processes, and create an optimized sales funnel while reducing it’s cost.

Make Sales & Demo Calls

Conduct sales video calls with potential customers, from presentation to closing the deal.

Drive better results for your sales team with IV-Lead

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