Advertising on LinkedIn? IV-Lead can help!

Before Launching a new advertisement channel there are a couple of things a lot of advertisers seem to neglect. At IV-Lead we make sure to set performance goals ahead of launching a new campaign and ensure that it follows established performance expectations.

When IV-Lead launches a new ad channel, we create a meticulous plan that outlines how it will be assessed and the timeline necessary for the most accurate evaluation. We do this within the agreements we’ve reached with our clients.

In order to optimize your ad campaign, IV-Lead segments and evaluates your target audience.

We set expectations linked to certain audiences' performances. In doing so we can accurately project which audience will guarantee a fruitful conversion rate, thus making our ad campaign as successful a possible.

A view-through conversion is another metric that we at IV-Lead track closely.

We understand that a lot of users see the ad, but decide not to click it yet still interact with the brand they’ve been exposed to.

That is why we track both click-through and view-through conversions

We also understand the importance of passing campaign metrics into your CRM system. This helps us set achievable expectations through prior sales lifecycles and allows the sales team to reach out to leads while they’re still hot!

IV-Lead recommends LinkedIn as an ad platform and metric measurement system.

LinkedIn ads use a more precise approach when it comes to measuring ad performance, unlike most analytics platforms, which will only attribute value to the consumers' most recent click and can only track activity from a user's single device.

This could result in faulty data because a lot of users don’t always click on an ad, some visit the website directly or visits the company’s LinkedIn page using different devices before converting.

All of IV-Lead’s clients have benefited from our well planned, precision-targeted ad campaigns and have now gained a strong, well-established ad channel.

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