HB Group wants to lead the world of safety in Israel by embracing digital marketing

HB Group is one of Israel’s leading enterprises heading 3 different divisions; safety, learning, and Innovation, which together provide comprehensive services for corporations related to the safety world of both physical and virtual assets (Data, Facilities and Employees).

As with most well-established companies that have been around for decades, modern problems arise and need to be dealt with swiftly and accordingly to secure the company’s relevancy in an ever-evolving market. Even though HB Group maintained the same quality services and respectable reputation, its infrastructure lacked certain digital tools and solutions to secure their relevancy throughout our digital times.

Sasi Bahar, VP Marketing & Business Development, HB Group

Sasi Bachar, VP Marketing & Business Development at HB Group for the past 5 years, has initiated the plan for a revolutionary transformation in the company, especially in the digital world but also in their marketing strategy altogether.

“HB Group is a strong company, with many years of experience and a strong foot-print in the safety world of Israel, working with many of the biggest companies in Israel like Microsoft and Intel, and many governmental branches as well.

What happened to us was very natural, and probably happens to many, if not all, mature companies in Israel who entered the digital world with the belief that our history and reputations were enough to excel in the new market, and that digital is only a suggestion for companies who have already proved themselves. And also, that marketing strategy that has worked before, are going to continue to work and that we can count on them.”

In order to tackle these issues and stay ahead of the curve, HB Group approached IV-Lead for potential solutions. After presenting HB with a detailed marketing strategy, competition analysis, and execution plan, Sasi was determined they can begin to re-establish their grip in the Israeli Market to which the company’s sectors needed digital restructuring.

We were more than happy to tackle the issues at hand and presented HB with a comprehensive, actionable Marketing plan to boost their online presence and make use of modern marketing channels and tools to increase their reach and ultimately boost their revenue.

Part of our strategy was to optimize HB’s websites in order to better leverage aggregated analytics and SEO optimization, create and ensure the upkeep of their news and blog articles as well as their social media presence. IV-lead also enrolled HB in various successful ad campaigns on the most respectable social media networks.HB successfully expanded the reach and awareness of their brand and services with the assistance of IV-lead’s skillful proficiency in Digital Marketing.

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