How Vexigo is making global partnerships and growing it's business smartly

Vexigo offers a variety of digital services. From digital advertising to increase your reach and user engagement, to monetization solutions to drive your revenues as well as a mobile game development studio. Vexigo delivers compelling results through its proprietary, patented technology.

“For the past few years, we have tried all kinds of tools, for email marketing and lead management. Most tools at some point have either become too expensive for the value they deliver, or not powerful enough to manage both the scale and reach we were looking for, as well as our own sales cycle”, Says Tal Ozery, Vexigo’s CEO.

We wanted to personalize our outreach and nurture a real connection with our prospects, so that if the offer is right - we’ll know we’ve found a good partner to mutually grow with.

IV-Lead teamed up with Vexigo and implemented Hubspot, generated and organized a large database of qualified leads, and originated automatic email sequences. This allowed Vexigo to segment and personally reach their audience and grow their partnerships. Vexigo is now able to follow-up and reach out to a large number of clients in a relevant and efficient way.

IV-Lead is a B2B Digital Marketing and Sales agency with professional experience and high creativity. We provide our clients with a variety of services to help them improve their digital brand and create better communication with their clients and their industry.

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