IV-Lead at EUW in Paris - Largest Renewable Energy Conference in Europe

Once again, we are joining Fsight at one of the biggest events in the world for renewable energy. With over 20,000 visitors from around the world, European Utility Week presents an opportunity to meet and share experiences with all energy stakeholders in order to shape a sustainable energy future together.

EUW is the landmark event for the power industry and a precious guide to acclimate ourselves through the energy transition.

Nir Badt, VP Strategy at Fsight, giving the winning speech.

Initiate!Hub EUW18 - 1st place for Fsight

Fsight has won last year’s 1st place in Accelerate 2 Initiate! pitch contest held in European Utility Week, and was chosen by E.ON Agile to collaborate on a smart energy pilot. This year, after experiencing significant growth through partnering with notable companies like Schweighofer, Andritz, Uniper, and Verbund - Fsight is looking for more partners to join their growing consortium on the riveting Gilboa Iris Project, which grants DSO’s, VPP’s and C&I companies substantial knowledge pertaining to the viability of an optimized, efficient and sustainably distributed electricity grid.

Kibbutz Maale Gilboa, Fsight's Flagship project

If you are a part of the energy market and would like to hear more about Fsight’s projects, go here: www.fsight.io

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