Get started with HubSpot CRM

First, set up your Hubspot account:

Second, install Hubspot Sales extension and connect your inbox:

Get started with your CRM.

  • Import contacts, companies, deals, notes, tasks and products

  • Set up and customize your deal pipelines and deal stages

Get started with your marketing tools.

  • Create Lead forms and pop-up forms

And also:

  • Use non-HubSpot forms

  • Create and analyze Facebook lead ads in HubSpot

Get started with your sales tools.

  • Use sales email templates

  • Use meetings, calling tool and conversational bot

  • Use documents

  • Create email sequences

Monitor Systems and Data.

What information is most relevant to a company will change as the business scales overtime. For a CRM to remain useful processes and data cleanliness should be evaluated annually.

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