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    Event Based Workflows - Targeted Actions for Specific Triggers

    Event-based workflows refer to systematic sequences of actions triggered by specific events or conditions. By defining rules and actions that are executed in response to certain events or triggers, it automates and streamlines business processes.

    From lead nurturing to customer engagement, EBWs empower businesses to automate and optimize their marketing efforts, driving better results and enhanced customer experiences.

    This article explores the concept of EBWs, sheds light on their applications across industries, and provides practical insights on implementing them successfully.

    Craft great experiences at scale with HubSpot's Marketing Automation Software

    Craft great experiences at scale with HubSpot's Marketing Automation..

    Screenshot 2023-12-04 152100
    November Intermediate Updates from HubSpot

    HubSpot continues to roll out updates and initiatives even between our regular..

    HubSpot Deal insights updates

    You've already seen some of these upgrades in recent posts, so for all you​..

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    Discover HubSpot's Payments Tool

    Wouldn't it be nice if you had one place where you could bill and get paid? Strea..

    Screenshot 2023-11-27 120939
    November updates for partners

    HubSpot usually releases monthly updates primarily aimed at its users. This..

    Connect HubSpot CRM with SAP's Data Platform

    SAP’s integration with HubSpot allows synchronization in both directions. This..

    The Best Way to Build a Customer-Centric Company

    Customers should be at the core of any company's initiatives, but few do - or.​..

    A Complete Guide to Email Marketing

    Let's look at the best ways to use email marketing. In case you need extra..

    Screenshot 2023-10-18 142129
    Chatbots in HubSpot: A brief overview

    With chatbots, you can qualify leads, book meetings, provide customer support, and..

    September Product Updates for HubSpot Partners

    This month’s product updates from HubSpot will allow you to delight your...

    New Sales Hub: Your All-In-One Guide

    Sales Hub made waves this year at INBOUND as Andy Pitre, HubSpot's...

    HubSpot updates - Google integration

    In this post we cover 3 improvements that HubSpot has made with various Google...

    HUBSPOT UPDATES November edition
    November Product Updates for HubSpot Partners

    HubSpot Partners Update had some very interesting features added to the..

    HubSpot updates for partners - Sequences edition

    The latest update release from HubSpot introduced dozens of new exciting.​..

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    A guide to using HubSpot's new prospecting tool

    HubSpot's Prospecting Workspace has recently been updated, promising to.​..

    Native Ads
    Native Advertising Examples People Actually Enjoyed Reading

    It's been said a million times, native advertising is the most immersive of.​..

    Building a Customer Loyalty Program from the Ground Up

    In order to achieve their goals, customers will stay loyal to companies that help.​..

    16 Types of Customer Needs (and How to Solve for Them)

     It is common for companies to look for inspiration from other successful.​..

    Calculating Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) & Why It Matters

    Throughout a customer relationship, customer lifetime value (CLV, or CLTV).​..

    What is Customer Acquisition Cost and How Do You Calculate It

    In order to expand your customer base while still turning a profit, you should.​..

    How to Save Up to 50% on Your PPC With Quality Score

    Keeping track of PPC metrics can quickly get confusing and overwhelming, as.​..

    How to Build a Strong Customer Referral Program in 2023

    Customer success involves creating advocates for your business through.​..

    Enabling growth and customer success in B2B companies: Top 25 platforms

    With today's dynamic world of B2B marketing, sales, customer support, and.​..

    How to run a successful PPC campaign

    The arguments for and against pay-per-click campaigns are plentiful, but the.​..

    Online Advertising: A Brief History

    Do you remember when surfing the web meant navigating a minefield of.​..

    HUBSPOT UPDATES August edition
    Newest updates in HubSpot - August edition

    From marketing email analytics to AI-Powered Duplicate Checks, HubSpot.​..

    I dont have time
    How to Get Past Common Buyer Brush-Offs

    To be successful, salespeople must be able to neutralize and move past buyer.​..

    Calculate churn rate in 5 easy steps (+ definition & formula)

    The number of customers you lose over a particular period of time is known as.​..

    Software as a Service (SaaS): The Ultimate Guide

    Thanks to this guide, you'll be able to learn all about that. Our goal is to.​..

    cs vs ux
    Customer Experience vs. User Experience: Know the Differences

    For the sake of the chicken and egg debate, user experience is the “egg”.​..

    How A/B Testing Can Maximize Your Email Marketing

    The use of email hasn't changed much since it gained widespread popularity.​..

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    How To Conduct Financial Analysis for Your Company

    Would you be able to provide someone with a detailed analysis of your.​..

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    Has CTR died? CTOR is becoming a more popular metric among email marketers

    In the 1990s, email marketing became a legitimate marketing channel, and.​..

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    What Is a White Paper? (F.A.Qs)

    Creating a whitepaper for your business can be a little confusing since the.​..

    pasted image 032434534
    Balance Sheets: A Beginner's Guide

    Whether you run your own business or are just starting out in accounting, you.​..

    Create scheduling pages with HubSpot's meetings tool

    Create one-on-one scheduling pages so contacts can book meetings with you..​..

    Set up and customize ticket pipelines and statuses

    With tickets, you can keep track of your customer interactions as they progress​..

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    5 Best LinkedIn Summary & Bio Examples (+ How to Write Your Own)

    Creating a LinkedIn summary can be very difficult - especially without examples.​..

    The Ultimate Guide to Creating Compelling Webinars

    A webinar is an online video presentation, seminar, lecture, or workshop..

    API developer guides & resources

    HubSpot's APIs, which you can find the reference documentation here, allow.​..

    Create and edit sequences

    With the sequences tool, you can send a series of targeted, timed email.​..

    pasted image 0111
    3 Drip Campaign Emails With An Above 40% Open Rate

    This article will help you clarify what an email drip campaign is, what it can.​..

    man-holding-credit-card-hand-entering-security-code-using-smart-phone-laptop-keyboard-online-shopping-concept (1)
    HubSpot's payments and subscriptions properties

    When a buyer makes a payment, HubSpot stores details about the payment.​..

    HubSpot and Salesforce: What Are the Differences?

    HubSpot and Salesforce both contain robust CRM databases, but there are.​..

    Screenshot 2023-07-04 180204
    AI Email in Sales: Pros and Cons [+Tools to Consider]

    To say that ChatGPT has thrown the internet into a frenzy would be.​..

    Screenshot 2023-07-03 154625
    Reauthorize or disconnect social accounts from HubSpot

    If your social network account is disconnected from HubSpot, you will​..

    Screenshot 2023-07-03 163548
    7 Signs You Should Walk Away From a Prospect

    Walking away is hard, especially when it comes to potential deals. After all​..

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    The 17 most important questions you should ask during a discovery call

    Closing calls are appealing. There's nothing more glamorous than moving..

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    Sales reps need these 16 apps on their phones

    Salespeople are constantly on the move, meeting with clients, giving...

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    10 great websites built with HubSpot CMS

    For those considering creating a site using a free provider like CMS Hub, it's..

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    18 Executive Interview Questions to Help Find the Right Fit

    Executives can make or break your company. Those who aren't the right..

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    GitHub Flow: A Quick 5-Step Process

    It can be challenging for those unfamiliar with Git or GitHub to work with the tool...

    Screenshot 2023-06-15 144307
    Top 5 Best Influencer Websites of 2023

    Social media influencers are everywhere. Across all platforms and in all genres..

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    The email sequence that earned this company $100,000 in 30 days

    Like most small businesses, we at Feed. The Agency used to get 90% of new..

    Send a follow-up email after no response

    Salespeople who send at least one follow-up email after no response receive a..

    pasted image 0
    De-escalation techniques: Best practices

    When dealing with an issue related to your business, it's natural for..

    Screenshot 2023-06-22 151321
    Createing an Effective Customer Journey Map 101

    Almost 70% of online shoppers abandoned their carts in 2021..

    Newest updates in HubSpot - June edition

    This month’s update release by HubSpot delivers a few awesome features: Fr..

    The Sales Pipelines Handbook: A Complete Guide for Sales Reps and Managers

    Businesses that consistently exceed their revenue goals have an effective sales process...

    Integrate Google Analytics with HubSpot content

    When you integrate Google Analytics with HubSpot, your Google Analytics account.. 

    Customer Satisfaction Metrics To Keep An Eye On

    It's not just you: Industry research shows that customer satisfaction has steadily...

    Sales phrases to to grab your prospects attention

    Experts and sales trainers agree that the best sales reps prospect fearlessly, but being...

    Enable the Google Search Console integration in HubSpot

     HubSpot's integration with Google Search Console brings data from Google searches into your SEO tool.

    Common mistakes that ruin your credibility with prospects

    These days, the average buyer is shrewd - naturally suspicious of salespeople and having...

    Branding - Create an identity for your busines

    With countless products and services competing for attention in today's market, establishing...

    Personalize customer interactions with Hotjar + HubSpot
    Do you remember when adding a customer's name to an email subject line seemed like a brilliant strategy?...
    Create custom object records
    Create and edit custom objects

    In the event that your business requires a relationship or process that is not included in the...

    Use YouTube reports in HubSpot

    After connecting your YouTube account to HubSpot, you can use YouTube...

    Pardot to HubSpot Marketing Enterprise Migration

    Why we believe you should migrate from Pardot to HubSpot Marketing Enterprise...

    Create and edit custom objects
    Create custom object records

    Create new custom object records once you've defined a custom object...

    aircall update Database
    Aircall Product Release
    Aircall, the leading cloud-based phone system and contact center software provider...
    HubSpot API reference documentation

    HubSpot’s developer platform is a core part of our mission to empower​..

    Social media marketing - A complete guide for peak performance

    Many brands have trouble creating engaging content and reaching their target audiences. Social...

    Latest updates in HubSpot - May edition

    This month’s update release by HubSpot brings a few exciting features...

    The ultimate guide to onboarding emails: Why they're important and how to use them effectively

    Onboarding emails are the “Welcome to our family” group hug. They are designed to help new users...

    Event Based Workflows - Targeted Actions for Specific Triggers

    From lead nurturing to customer engagement, EBWs empower businesses to automate and optimize...

    How a Knowledge Base Can Save You Time and Improve Customer Satisfaction

    Knowledge bases are centralized repositories of information that contain and store...

    B2B Ecommerce Trends to Look for in 2023

    Over the last few years, technological advancements and demographic changes....

    Increasing your LinkedIn Page's Followers - Checklist

    To grow your LinkedIn page following, you must combine two major factors: Drive awareness...

    Common mistakes to avoid when sending out sales emails

    Professional and personalized sales emails are an art and a science, and good salespeople...

    Newest updates in HubSpot - April edition

    Another month, another set of new HubSpot updates! As CRM systems evolve and improve...

    Amplication elevates email marketing performance using HubSpot CRM - Case Study

    Amplication is empowering developers from leading companies, and allowing teams...

    1-Apr-17-2023-09-23-36-9143-AM Best practices
    Customer retention - Build long term success for your business
    In today's competitive business landscape, retaining customers has become more critical than ever...
    HubSpot Data Clean Up: Best Practices to Keep Your Data Fresh and Accurate

    The health and organization of your data is essential for any business, but it's especially...

    LinkedIn Ads - A unique platform to target your audience

    As the largest professional network in the world, LinkedIn has revolutionized how businesses...

    woman-holding-snapchat-logo-with-his-friends-showing-thumbup-sign-1 Best practices
    Boost your sales and marketing efforts with Instagram - Best practices
    Over 1 billion people use Instagram every month, making it a key platform for businesses seeking to increase...
    89584 Guide
    How to measure the ROI of B2B marketing campaigns

    As a B2B marketer, you're always looking for ways to measure your campaigns' success. It's important...

    view-from-business-startup-teamwork-concept-startup-partners-sitting-coworking-space-talking-about-future-project-looking-through-examples-work-laptop-digital-tablet Strategy
    The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Strategies & How to Improve Your Digital Presence

    Tthis guide about marketing strategies will help you improve your...

    89583 Best practices
    The Importance of Competitor Analysis in a B2B Industry
    Competitor analysis is a crucial component of any business strategy, particularly in the B2B industry...
    advancedmarketingreporting1_EN Updates
    HubSpot Update - Advanced Marketing Reporting

    Learn how this new HubSpot update allows you to connect with customers, analyzie conversion rates and create an ideal...

    89581-2 Updates
    March updates for HubSpot Partners

    Usually when HubSpot releases their monthly updates, it’s primarily directed for the software’s users...

    most-converting-offers Guide
    Lead Scoring 101: How to Use Data to Calculate a Basic Lead Score

    Lead scoring is the process of assigning values, often in the form of numerical "points," to...

    upgrade-update-new-version-better-graphics-concept Updates
    Newest updates in HubSpot - March edition

    CRM systems are constantly evolving and improving, with new features and...

    businessman-touching-glowing-increasing-arrow-business-profit-investment-growth-concept-2 HubSpot Report
    HubSpot Report - Global Sales Trends to Look for in 2023

    Over the past few years, sales organizations have experienced major changes...

    PandaDoc + HubSpot Integration Case Study

    Learn how Carr Workplaces manage to reduce close time and save money by leveraging...

    hr-human-resources-management-concept-corporate-organisation-structure-mixed-media-double-exposure-virtual-screen-website-panorama-banner Updates
    ChatSpot - Introducing HubSpot's New AI Tools

    In the coming years, artificial intelligence will revolutionize how businesses run, and HubSpot is here to help...

    HubSpot calls Updates
    Receive calls within HubSpot

    You can answer inbound phone calls in HubSpot. This allows easy access to records and notes from your desktop...

    The Power of AI in Sales & 5 Ways You Can Use It

    If you're looking to level up your sales team’s performance, turn to artificial intelligence. Although only 37%...

    consultantvcontractorfi (1) Guide
    Consultant vs. Contractor: What's the Key Difference?

    As self-employment rates continue to reach new heights, terms like contractor, consultant, and freelancer...

    networking-concept-still-life-arrangement Reports
    Brand to Buyer - Building B2B tech brands that shine

    Now in its eighth year, the annual LinkedIn B2B technology market report takes a new...

    woman-writing-planning-business-strategy Sales
    Sales Playbook in the HubSpot App for Zoom Meetings

    A sales playbook is a document or set of guidelines that outlines the best...

    marketing-branding-planning-vision-goals-concept Guide
    A Marketer's Key to Success in the Uncertainty of 2023

    Marketing professionals are being challenged in big ways this year...

    crm-database Database
    CRM Database: What It Is And How It Can Help Your Business

    A customer relationship management (CRM) database can help your company automate data collection and...

    Here's what marketers need to know about ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Microsoft's Bing Chatbot

    On November 30, 2022, OpenAI launched a conversational AI service called ChatGPT...

    HubSpot vs. Salesforce-1
    HubSpot vs. Salesforce

    Achieving business success isn't easy. Boosting productivity and sales requires more than just selling relentlessly to customers...

    Newest updates in HubSpot - February edition

    B2B companies have long recognized HubSpot as the ultimate marketing tool. We know from our experience as HubSpot Certified...

    Aura air streamlines sales and marketing with HubSpot CRM: A case study

    Aura air is a leading provider of indoor air quality monitoring solutions, offering real-time monitoring and analytics to help...

    Go Global Travel using Aircall - Case study

    Capturing leads is one of the most important aspects of any inbound marketing strategy...

    B2B Companies: Preparing for the Challenges of 2023

    The business landscape is constantly changing, and B2B companies must be prepared to meet the challenges of the coming year...

    RAD Transforms Marketing and Sales Efforts with HubSpot and IV-Lead

    Rad is a growing technology company that provides cutting-edge solutions for a range of industries...

    Maximizing Your Conversions: The Power of Effective Calls-to-Action

    The Call-to-Action, or CTA, is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy.
    Users are...

    The Ultimate HubSpot Implementation Guide

    HubSpot is a powerful all-in-one marketing, sales, and service platform that can help businesses of all sizes grow and thrive...

    Property field types in HubSpot

    When you create a custom property in HubSpot, the type of information.​..

    Integrating HubSpot CRM and other popular B2B tools

    HubSpot CRM is a powerful tool for businesses looking to grow in the global market...

    Maximizing Lead Capture with HubSpot Forms and CRM

    Capturing leads is one of the most important aspects of any inbound marketing strategy...

    HubSpot Reports in A Nutshell - Analytics, Dashboards and Custom Reports

    HubSpot is a powerful inbound marketing, sales, and service platform that provides businesses with a wide range of analytics tools and reports to...

    top-view-office-desk-with-growth-chart-glasses 1
    The best workflow you can set up on HubSpot CRM to increase sales

    Creating a successful sales workflow can help improve your team's productivity and efficiency, leading to more closed deals and satisfied customers...

    Control Your Chatbot Availability with New Custom Settings

    In the past, there has been some confusion with chatbots passing conversations off to agents who...

    group-business-people-assembling-jigsaw-puzzle-represent-team-support-help-concept 1
    10 Reasons why HubSpot CRM is so important for B2B companies

    In order for a B2B company to succeed, having an effective customer relationship management (CRM) system...

    How Zoominfo can generate leads and boost sales for global B2B companies

    ZoomInfo is a powerful tool for generating leads and driving sales growth for B2B companies operating in the global market...

    Integrating HubSpot CRM and other popular B2B tools

    HubSpot CRM is a powerful tool for businesses looking to grow in the global market...

    Most effective ways and tools to generate qualified leads

    As a business-to-business (B2B) startup, generating qualified leads is crucial for your success in the global market...

    Tips on how B2B companies can achieve their sales goals

    As we approach the end of the year, many businesses are looking to reach their sales goals and end the year on a high note...

    front-view-businessman-with-colorful-cones-representing-growth 1
    5 reasons why B2B marketing and sales use a CRM for nurturing, lead generation, sales enablement, and customer success

    Here are the top five reasons why b2b marketing and sales use a CRM like HubSpot and other automation tools...

    40 Automation
    Create a Chatbot in HubSpot
    Create a chatflow with a bot to connect with your website visitors. The bot will appear as a chat widget on your website pages where a visitor can start a conversation....
    17 Integrations
    Connect HubSpot and NetSuite

    Connect your HubSpot and NetSuite accounts using HubSpot data sync. After connecting your accounts, you can use a deal-based workflow to create a NetSuite sales order...

    89569-1 HubSpot Integrations
    Integrate your WhatsApp with HubSpot

    Easily connect your WhatsApp Business account to HubSpot to seamlessly communicate with your customers, track conversations, and build stronger relationships...

    10-1 HubSpot Dashboards
    Customize your Dashboard

    Your marketing, sales, and service dashboards have default reports, but you can customize these dashboards, and any custom dashboards...

    24 Database
    Manage your CRM Database
    The foundation of your HubSpot account is a database of your business relationships and processes, called the CRM (Customer Relationship Management)...
    businessman-office-with-laptop 1 Integrations
    Installing your Aircall HubSpot integration

    If you're looking to become even more of an expert Aircaller, then you might be looking to put Aircall's HubSpot integration, and all it has to offer, to use...

    19 F.A.Q
    Salesforce Integration | Frequently Asked Questions
    Find answers and general information quickly about the HubSpot-Salesforce integration...
    41 Salesforce
    Manage your Salesforce Integration Settings
    After installing the HubSpot-Salesforce integration, you can manage a number of integration settings, such as your API call usage, inclusion list, and object syncing...
    42 Sales Pipeline
    Create and Use Custom Object Pipelines
    Once you've defined a custom object in your HubSpot account, you can create pipelines to track custom object records through your processes. You can organize pipelines...
    32 Workflows Guide
    Organize your Workflows
    Organize workflows by managing your workflow tables and grouping your workflows into folders...
    18 Training
    Determine your List Criteria
    Use lists to organize your contacts and companies by their common traits. Once you understand the filtering options, you can set criteria to build lists that help...
    Update your DNS records-1 Integrations
    Update your DNS records

    When you connect your domain to HubSpot, you'll need to update the DNS records in your DNS provider. Here are some general instructions for updating...

    9-1 Reports
    Create sales reports with the Sales Analytics Tool
    The Sales Analytics tool has the most relevant sales reports to help sales managers and their team members to understand better how they are performing. These reports...
    7-1 Database Clean-up
    Clean up your Contact Lists to Improve Email Deliverability
    Each contact in your database should be organized based on why they expressed interest in receiving marketing emails from you. You can refer to this...
    43-1 Integrations/Salesforce
    Install the HubSpot-Salesforce Integration
    The HubSpot-Salesforce integration allows you to pass data between HubSpot and Salesforce seamlessly, and maintain consistency between your marketing and sales teams...
    14 Sales Strategy
    17 Best Sales Strategies, Plans, & Initiatives for Success

    A strong sales strategy plan creates the foundation for a cohesive and successful sales organization. Sales strategies and initiatives also align salespeople...

    59 LinkedIn/HubSpot
    How to Use HubSpot's integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

    Use HubSpot's integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to view LinkedIn insights on your HubSpot contact and company records and send InMails directly...

    8-1 Email Marketing
    How to Create an Email Marketing Campaign in HubSpot
    Email campaigns are an essential part of your inbound strategy. They give you the chance to drive traffic to your website, get contacts to take a specific action, or raise awareness...
    person-working-computer-automation-software-technology-process-system-business-concept 1 Automation
    How to use if/then Branches in HubSpot Chatbots
    Use if/then branches to customize the flow of bot conversations. You can add conditions to tell your bot to skip to a specific action based on the visitor's response, a contact...
    25 HubSpot Meetings Tool
    Create and Edit Scheduling Pages with the Meetings Tool
    Create one-on-one scheduling pages so contacts can book meetings with you. If you have an assigned Sales Hub or Service Hub paid seat, you can also create a team...
    45 Scheduling
    Understand Group and Round Robin Meeting Availability
    When creating a group or round-robin scheduling page, your contact will see specific times depending on the type of team meeting...
    5-1 Social Media Integration
    Connect your Social Media Accounts to HubSpot

    Connect your social media accounts to HubSpot to start creating and publishing social posts, and tracking social media engagements in HubSpot. After connecting...

    6-1 Automation
    What is Marketing Automation?

    Marketing automation uses software to automate monotonous marketing work. Marketing departments can automate repetitive tasks such as email marketing...

    39 Reports
    Create Reports with the Custom Report Builder

    With HubSpot's custom report builder, you can analyze multiple data sources across HubSpot. The difference between the custom report builder and other types of HubSpot...

    IV-Lead partners with Aircall Automation
    Create a Live Chat
    Create a chatflow with live chat to connect visitors directly with members of your team. The live chat will appear as a widget on your website pages...
    46 Engagement
    Create Pop-up Forms

    With the pop-up forms tool, you can create engaging lead capture forms to attract new leads. You can use pop-up forms with any blog post, landing page, or website page...

    31 Forms
    Create HubSpot Forms

    Use forms to gather important information about your visitors and contacts. In HubSpot, you can easily create forms to add to your HubSpot pages or external site...

    20 Landing Pages
    The Ultimate Guide to Landing Pages

    As you browse and maneuver around the internet, you visit landing pages all the time. A landing page can be the designated page you’re taken to when you click on an ad...

    47 Pipelines
    Set up and Customize Ticket Pipelines and Statuses

    With tickets, you can keep track of your customer interactions as they progress over time. The tickets tool includes a default Support
     pipeline that you can use to manage your ticket statuses...

    26 Web Conference
    The Essential Web Conferencing Checklist

    When the vast majority of salespeople were field reps, taking a meeting or giving a demo meant physically meeting a prospect or group of stakeholders... 

    23 Content
    Share Sales Content with Users and Teams

    After creating a sequence, template, playbook, or document in your account, you can share or restrict access to the sales content. You can restrict access so your team members...

    28 Product Library
    Create Products in the Product Library

    Create a product library of the goods and services you sell, then associate them with individual deals. With products, you can easily track what you're selling...

    27 Sales Templates
    Create and Send Sales Templates

    With templates, you can save repetitive email content as an email template. Before sending a template, you can personalize and tailor the content to your recipients...

    21 Users Manual
    Create and Manage Teams

    Teams in HubSpot allow you to organize your users into groups for organizational and reporting purposes...

    61 HubSpot
    Add HubSpot Users
    If you have Add and edit users permissions in your HubSpot account, you can create new users and customize their permissions...
    60 Integrations
    Connect Apps to HubSpot

    With the HubSpot App Marketplace, you can search for and integrate tools you need for your business with your HubSpot account...

    30 Properties
    Create and Edit Properties

    Properties are fields that store information on HubSpot records. For example, you can use the City company property to specify where companies are located...

    11 Lists
    Create and Use Lists

    The lists tool in HubSpot allows you to create a list of contacts or companies based on property values and other characteristics, including activities. This article includes instructions...

    29 Workflows
    Create Workflows

    Create a workflow to automate your business processes and make your team more efficient. Set enrollment criteria to automatically enroll records and take action on your...

    View and Filter Records on HubSpot

    Each CRM object in HubSpot (contacts, companies, deals, tickets, and custom objects) has an index page that displays the object’s records. These index pages...

    58 Marketing
    Improve Your Marketing with IV-Lead

    The reason B2B companies need to build relationships is that they rarely sell at high volume, as B2C does. Unlike B2C companies, most B2B companies target niche...

    1-1 Marketing
    Creating a Marketing Strategy That Works

    IV-Leads 6+ years of experience in the marketing world, has helped us be able to identify the most effective marketing tactics for companies in every kind of industry...

    54 IV-Lead
    Leads and Links: IV-Lead and LinkedIn for Businesses

    In order to optimize your ad campaign, IV-Lead segments, and evaluates your target audience. We make sure to set performance goals ahead of launching a new campaign and...

    44 LinkedIn
    How to use LinkedIn Targeting for ABM Programs

    For businesses to effectively reach the right audiences, more B2B companies are turning to the foundational method of account-based marketing (ABM)to funnel in leads...

    HubSpot API reference documentation

    HubSpot’s developer platform is a core part of our mission to empower.​..

    48 Marketing
    The future of B2B Digital Marketing and Sales

    Have you ever dreamed of a company that could handle all of the essential platforms needed for successful sales and marketing plans? How about finding a team of experts...

    content-her-career-team-smiling-businesswoman-looking-you-while-team-meeting 1 Quick Wins
    Quick Wins with HubSpot

    After reaching your target audiences which grow your leads, you need to find ways to stay on top of marketing tasks while keeping customers engaged. Getting your business...

    49 HubSpot Audit
    Auditing A HubSpot Portal

    Consider the business industry, goals, etc. What numbers were they working with prior and what are they hoping for? 

    57 CRM
    B2B Or Not To Be?
    With customer expectations at an all-time high, it’s important to make sure your central CRM system (as do you too!) continues to improve so that together you can...
    Why Account-Based Marketing is so important for B2B startups?

    Account-based marketing (ABM) is a strategic approach to marketing that focuses on engaging specific, high-value accounts...

    55 CRM
    The Right Time for a CRM

    So you want to know when is the best time to implement a CRM for your business. What are some of the tangible ways to determine if your company is ready to implement...

    53 HubSpot CRM
    Why HubSpot is Spot On

    Want to know why we think HubSpot is the right choice for you? At IV-Lead, we work to strengthen your business’ resource kit for meeting everyday needs...

    13 Inbound Marketing
    Inbound Marketing is IN

    What attracts the customer to choose YOUR company? Which marketing strategies generate a large number of leads while remaining tailored to the customer profile?

    15 Blog
    Your complete editing & proofreading checklist
    It’s hard to remember every little consideration when you’re editing and proofreading content. To make things a little easier, we compiled a complete editing and proofreading...
    22 Marketing
    Account-Based Marketing is The Future
    ABM: It stands for Account-Based Marketing, and soon it may represent All B2B Marketing. We are well on our way, it seems...
    12-1 Blog
    Find out what B2B businesses can learn from B2C selling
    As the number of people using social media platforms increases day by day, companies are focusing more on marketing through social media portals...
    LinkedIn SSI score_ LinkedIn
    Have you ever checked your LinkedIn SSI score?
    Do you know your LinkedIn SSI score? The Social Selling Index (SSI) is another metric you can use to assess how well you are managing your professional brand...
    51 Marketing
    How will digital marketing change in 2023?
    As we evolve over time, our marketing strategies must adapt to our ever-changing world. Across every field of industry, companies are finding ways to alter their digital marketing...
    The Key to Marketing Your Business - Social Media
    Social media usage is growing at a record rate, and businesses are recognizing this opportunity to bring attention to their company on multiple social media channels...
    89557 1 B2B Guide
    The Simple Guide to B2B Online PR
    The way people consume media and learn about new companies has changed significantly. Alongside that shift, a transformation in the media industry has occurred. 
    89559 HubSpot
    What Are the Differences Between HubSpot and Salesforce?
    HubSpot and Salesforce both contain robust CRM databases, but there are some critical differences in how they operate...
    56 HubSpot
    HubSpot-provided phone numbers is finally here
    A HubSpot-provided phone number allows you to make outbound calls and receive incoming calls forwarded to your personal device. If you're a user with super admin permissions...
    Get started with HubSpot-1 HubSpot
    Who is a HubSpot, and what can they do for you?
    HubSpot CRM is a powerful, robust tool, and you may have even been considering it for your business. When your company implements those tools effectively, your sales...
    Vexigo Blog
    Why your website needs a blog?
    Every time you write a blog post it’s one more index page on your website, which means it’s one more opportunity for you to show in SEO and drive traffic to your website...
    WhatsApp Image 2019-02-25 at 17.57.47 (1) HubSpot/Sales
    Fsight is growing rapidly, and IV-Lead was there to see it happens
    Fsight is a distributed energy grid management solution. By utilizing artificial intelligence data, Fsight has pivoted from centralized...
    HB - photo 5 HubSpot/Sales
    How IV-Lead helped HB Group to grow their digital business success
    HB Group turned to IV-Lead for finding solutions to implement a comprehensive, actionable marketing plan that included competition analysis and increased...
    How HubSpot’s Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Tools Create Efficient and Predictable Sale Cycles
    HubSpot, one of our most resourceful and intelligent partners here at IV-LEAD, have created an ABM tool kit to provide companies so that they can digitalize...
    3 LinkedIn
    Using LinkedIn: How do you use LinkedIn to generate leads?

    Like millions of others, you have decided to use LinkedIn to help grow your business. LinkedIn has been several businesses’ go-to platform for growth...

    kando team HubSpot/Sales
    Kando's Success story in the water management ecosystem

    Kando extracts wastewater data to provide end-to-end treatment solutions to manage public and environmental health. Having access to tools that improve...

    1 HubSpot/Marketing
    Marketing Automation Workflows

    Learn what marketing automation is, what good marketing automation looks like, and how to make it work for your business. At its best, marketing automation is a...

    2 HubSpot/Sales
    Sales Automation Workflows

    Use workflows to automate lead rotation and task creation, and streamline prospect follow-up with sequences. Close more leads with sequences and workflows...

    5 HubSpot/Active Lists
    Smart Active Lists

    A smart list, also known as an active list, is a contact list within a CRM that automatically updates depending on specific criteria. Contacts...

    5 HubSpot/Data Enrichment
    Data Enrichment Workflows

    Data enrichment is the process of improving the accuracy and reliability of your raw lead and customer data by adding new...

    8 HubSpot/Custom Properties
    Custom Properties

    Learn how to edit existing HubSpot properties and create your own custom properties. Properties are fields that store information on HubSpot records...

    10 HubSpot/Best Practices
    Best Practices

    Maintain a clean database by utilizing lists to keep your CRM organized. Build actionable reporting dashboards to guide your decisions....

    7 HubSpot/Lead Scoring
    Lead Scoring

    Learn how to create a lead scoring model based on your leads' demographic, behavior, region, social media presence, and more...

    9 HubSpot/Landing Pages
    Landing Pages

    Create and test beautiful landing pages that generate leads and look great on any device — no designers or IT help required. Use landing pages to...

    6 HubSpot/Custom Properties
    Special Reports

    Sales leaders need total visibility into sales metrics--without waiting in line for help from an admin or analyst. 

    Linkedin coming soon LinkedIn/Target Audiences
    Target Audiences

    Learn about LinkedIn ad targeting. B2B targeting using LinkedIn data. Target your high value accounts. Focus your B2B marketing. Launch ads...

    Linkedin coming soon LinkedIn/Target Audiences
    Employees Branding

    Learn about LinkedIn ad targeting. B2B targeting using LinkedIn data. Target your high value accounts. Focus your B2B marketing. Launch ads...

    89561 Automation
    Create tracking URLs

    Create a tracking URL when you want to track traffic from a campaign to a page with the HubSpot tracking code. Examples...

    89562 Automation
    Create a Bot

    Create a chatflow with a bot to connect with your website visitors. The bot will appear as a chat widget on your website pages where a visitor can...

    State of the inbound report

    So what's going on in Digital Marketing and what will your 2023 look like? Here's my quick roundup of the HubSpot State of Inbound 2022

    Manage contact property formatting issues

    To maintain an organized CRM, it's important to have accurate and consistent data. In your HubSpot account, users with...

    Course One development
    Require member registration to access private content

    Users with publish permissions can control which contacts can access specific HubSpot-hosted pages, blogs and knowledge base articles...

    Create campaigns

    The campaigns tool in HubSpot allows you to tag related marketing assets and content, so you can easily measure the effectiveness of your collective marketing efforts...

    89566 HubSpot
    What's New in HubSpot's Software

    Our latest feature updates for INBOUND 2022 offer more than just software; they offer a better way to grow...

    Maximizing Your Conversions: The Power of Effective Calls-to-Action

    The Call-to-Action, or CTA, is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy.
    Users are...

    laptop-with-different-applications-installed 1 development
    Upload files to use in your HubSpot content

    In HubSpot, you can upload files to the files tool and use them in your HubSpot content. Once uploaded, your images, fonts...

    89563 HubSpot
    Log in to HubSpot

    There are multiple ways to log in to HubSpot; enter an email address and password, sign in with Google, or use single sign-on...

    3333 development
    Use the data quality command center

    The data quality command center shows an overview of how data is stored in your HubSpot CRM, and highlights...

    233333 development
    Update and filter contacts using source properties

    Based on actions taken by the contact, HubSpot automatically updates the Original and Latest source values...

    89565 development
    IV-Lead new partnership with PandaDoc

    How efficient is your document workflow? Find out how PandaDoc and HubSpot integration can help your sales team...

    WhatsApp Image 2019-02-25 at 17.57.47 (1) development
    Fsight is making waves in the renewable energy market
    We‘re moving away from centralized power plants, and entering the era of the distributed grid enabling a peer to peer market. Fsight’s obejctive is to implement...
    89568 development
    How to implement HubSpot successfully?

    Sales force adoption is often the biggest hurdle for companies implementing a new CRM. Understanding how the CRM will support existing processes is key to successful implementation...

    89567 development
    Learn how HubSpot can grow your business

    With customer expectations at an all-time high, it’s important to make sure your central CRM system (as do you too!) continues to improve so that together you can work smarter, and not necessarily harder...

    89565-1 Database
    IV-Lead new partnership with Zoominfo
    ZoomInfo provides a clear-cut path to success by enabling salespeople to...
    zoominfo 2 Database
    Zoominfo Intent is highly beneficial
    ZoomInfo Intent finds companies with above-average web browsing activity on topics vital to your business. When buyers...
    89563-1 Database
    What is S.M.A.R.T Model?
    Sales is about activity levels and numbers.  What gets done daily shapes the month...